Symposium Chronicle (Day 9) Wednesday July 28

We are approaching the end of the symposium. We began the day with the guidelines of Adela, missionary disciple of our community in Hungary.  Adela shared with us the beauty that is to discover the call that God makes to each one , and particularly to the missionary disciples, to evangelize in our workplaces and social environments.

During our morning small group sessions, we had time to share our concerns and proposals for the future of the MDVDs. And we have decided the topics of dialogue for these two days of symposium. These groups have been of great richness to all because they have given us the opportunity to see what each one carries as a restlessness in our hearts.

In the afternoon we brought all the groups together to answer questions and share challenges.

After the Eucharist, which we celebrate as a Family, we shared dinner and continued with a moment of celebration. These moments of eating together and celebrating together have been a great source of communion, laughter and experiences of feeling Family.

The missionary disciples who are participating online have had the initiative to have a moment of fraternal sharing, not only those who are present in Loeches. They have been convened through the platform for an online gathering to have a fraternal celebration and to share faith and joy.

In addition, they also want to contribute their testimony for the chronicle. Regina Peña from the Philippines has sent her testimony about the experience of participating in the Symposium:


The symposium created an impact because it made me think seriously about the gift that I receive as a VDMD. It rekindle the value of working together, of dialogue and of listening with love and patience. When I accepted this invitation to represent Luzon, I just accepted this with some misgivings because I am thinking that others are more active in the AC and in coordination and even with apostolate than myself and they have much to share. But Jesus reminded me of my “years” in the family and to be a big sister for my VDMD family in Luzon. I only carry the heart of a sister, gave my five loaves and two fishes. And with that, He transformed my offering and allowed me to feast again on the richness of what we can give to the world. 

The patience, hard-work, prayers, suggestions, directions from my co VDMD and my hardworking  sisters on the fraternity in each of our meetings, and the sharing of the  bigger family on the plenary transformed as a  practical school of being formed and convinced that this is my vocation.

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