Symposium Chronicle (Day 8) Monday July 27

Today, Tuesday, we have already had our eighth day of dialogue, teamwork, plenary and making agreements for the lll Symposium.

In the morning Magaly, DMVD of Peru, shared with us virtually, the guidelines: inviting us to watch over the missionary communion, besides thanking that, in spite of the differences, we can organize ourselves, for that reason the importance of the administration in the family, making reference to the fact that today we would work on chapter VI that speaks of the Missionary Communion in the Apostolic Coordination and Administration.

At lunch time, we congratulated our general secretary of the Symposium, Adriana Viveros, VDMD of Puebla, Mexico, who today celebrated her birthday in the company of the VDMFa.

Later, we met in the usual working groups, to later, in our plenary, contribute to our Chapter VI. A moment of merciful debate and openness on the need to clearly state the role of the DMVD in the Apostolic Councils and Administration of the local communities.

In the afternoon, in the homily, we were invited to give thanks for the communion in the VDMFa. 

We ended the day with a feast in which our VDMD brother, Gerard, from Germany, taught us a song in his language. In addition, our missionary sister, Iria, from Hungary also showed us something of the country where she is on mission. 

With today’s day, we have finished the work of the 6 chapters of the DMVD document, trusting that the Spirit continues to guide the second stage, which begins tomorrow.

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