Symposium Chronicle (Day 7) Monday July 26

This Monday was dedicated to the reading of the chapters of the working document that had already been studied in the groups, revised in the plenary and incorporating the contributions made by all the participants in the Symposium.

For this reason, as already announced, there were no prayer guidelines.

The whole day was spent in an atmosphere of work, reading and sending to the commission in charge of the revision of the text the vote in favor or against the text or the modifications that were suggested to be incorporated.

At the usual time, the Eucharist was celebrated for the participants of the Symposium present in Loeches, without being retransmitted.

After dinner, we prayed before Jesus in the Eucharist. The motivation was centered on considering how Jesus enkindles in us his light to be the light of the world. With songs and the gesture of lighting the candle that was received on the first day, we expressed the desire to bring the light of the Symposium to the Verbum Dei Missionary Family throughout the world.

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