Symposium Chronicle (Day 5) Saturday July 24

We are already in our fifth day of dialogue, teamwork, sharing life, plenary sessions and enjoying the meeting with our Verbum Dei brothers and sisters, both in person and with those who connect online, to this III Symposium.

Today in the morning Olivier, a Missionary Couple from Cameroon, Africa, shared with us virtually, the guidelines: remembering that the Verbum Dei charism is what we can offer to the world today as a gift, presenting Jesus as the summit of our search, as the source in which we quench our thirst and therefore, the need to remain united to him, from the passage of John 15:5. 

In a second moment, we met in work groups to reflect and contribute to our Chapter IV of the Instrumentum Laboris, SPIRITUALITY OF THE VDMD. A moment of great richness in which the majority saw the need to express in a clear, structured and simple way the way in which the VDMD live the Verbum Dei spirituality.

At 2:00 pm (Spanish time) we had the usual plenary session of these days in which we shared the proposals for enriching the document and then, after a debate, we agreed on these modifications. 

In the afternoon, in the homily, Monica Cardona, a VD missionary who is a member of the General Board with great joy invited us to give thanks for the richness of our charism, to be grateful for the treasure of our Spirituality. 

A spirituality that is grounded in our daily life as VDMD, showing that even in the midst of the cracks and weeds in our lives, Jesus continues to trust in them. 

Thus, we have culminated this day in which we are grateful for everything we have worked for and we continue to place everything in Mary’s hands, what has already been concluded and what is yet to be done. 

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