Symposium Chronicle (Day 3) Thursday July 22

Our second day of Symposium here in Madrid began with some guidelines preached by Jay Anne, MDVD in Cebu community. Jay Anne invited us to listen to the voice of the Shepherd, who accompanies and shapes our lives and our discernments in the process of becoming and developing our personal callings.

After this moment of prayer, we met again in our small groups to share our impressions of chapter two, which was called “Itinerary For The Configuration of Our Missionary Identity.” These discussions opened our hearts to the great richness and diversity of experiences that the inculturation of the charism has generated for our FaMVD in the world.

In the afternoon we met in plenary meeting with all the groups that had worked on the same chapter. We enjoyed seeing how the Spirit speaks within each one’s heart and in harmony with each other. We continued with the Eucharist, which we celebrated as a Family, united by Christ in the same charism and mission.

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