Symposium Chronicle (Day 2) Wednesday July 21

It seems that we have an impossible job; but for the Holy Spirit it is not, and he will make it possible

We have concluded our first day of plenary, dialogue and teamwork; we all collaborated in the revision and drafting of our Instrumentum Laboris of the DMVD. 

In the morning, Celina Infante, DMVD of Mexico, shared with us the prayer guidelines: a moment in which we thanked the Trinity and Mary for the call to belong to this Verbum Dei Family, where we can live our identity and belong to the particular mission as disciples. With the basic question addressed to Jesus: Who do you say that I am? (Cfr. Mt 16:15), we left the prayer with the illusion, joy, energy and conviction of the importance of defining our identity within the VDMFa.

In the course of the morning we worked in teams, both face-to-face participants (30 persons) and online (40 persons), thus beginning what seemed to be a titanic task; reviewing Chapter 1: Identity and Mission of the Missionary Disciple Verbum Dei, we modified what we considered necessary to contribute in the afternoon plenary session.

At 2:00 p.m. (Spanish time) the plenary session was held by the secretaries of each team (8 in total) where they shared the proposals for modification. It was a real Pentecost, because only the Holy Spirit that is poured in our brothers translators and digital technicians makes it possible to connect us from the five continents.

We conclude amidst a hot afternoon, our minds apparently exhausted, our hearts expectant, but, above all, with the confidence that this work that has begun is guided by the Holy Spirit; we continue to prepare ourselves to continue the work to which we have been summoned in this III Symposium of the VDMFa. 

We entrust ourselves to your prayers.

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