Chronicle of the last day of the Symposium (Day 11) Friday July 30

Today, we have reached the end of the Symposium, with great joy and a deep gratitude to God for making possible this encounter, with the certainty that he is accompanying us on the path of bringing about everything we have worked on these days.

 In the morning, Gaby Rocha, Verbum Dei missionary, shared the guidelines with us: inviting us to give thanks for all that these days have been, to thank that 70 people from the five continents, both virtually and in person, being very different, have been able to listen, organize and create communion.  In addition to asking God the Father for the gift of opening our hearts more, a missionary heart that listens to God’s dream in our brothers and sisters.

 Later, we met in a plenary session to listen and brainstorm about everything that the Symposium has meant for each one of us and thus be able to write a final letter that reflects the fruit of everything we have experienced.

 Then, as an act of fraternal love, we dedicated part of the morning to listen to the challenges and implications that our brothers have in the countries of Africa and Asia, where FaMVD is present.

 Mealtime passed with great joy and a bit of nostalgia, as the farewells began, but we go with hope and a missionary fire to share with our communities.

 At 2:00 p.m. (Spanish hour), we met again in a virtual way, it was a moment to share the fruits, in with the question: What do I take from this Symposium?

 In the afternoon in the homily, the president of the FaMVD, Rodrigo Carrizo, introduced us to a climate of gratitude, that of being able to recognize “All the good that as VDMD, we can contribute to the world”.

Without a doubt, we have concluded this Symposium, with deep gratitude, with the joy of knowing that we are sent and entrusted to the Holy Spirit who is the one who carries the work.

We thank all members who have been following  the livestream, in addition to thanking the Commission, the General Board, and each VDMD that has participated.


Closing message III International Symposium Verbum Dei Family

Dear Verbum Dei Missionary Family in the five continents. In spite of the challenges faced for the realization of this III Symposium, such as the pandemic, the distance between countries, the technology and the different languages, it has been possible for all the disciples and members of the fraternity and family to participate actively. We have witnessed that God’s dream is possible!

From the work of our document the Spirit has been able to strengthen our being family; this has implied a conversion to listening to the other, and passing from Babel to Pentecost, from “I” to “Us.” God works miracles when each one of us maintains a positive attitude of availability and service.

In each chapter our identity as Verbum Dei Missionary Disciples has been strengthened, recognizing that our vocation is a gift to the church and to the world. We experience ourselves called to present Christ in our environments and realities, living who we are with joy, courage and confidence.

Each one of us is a spokesperson for his local community and it is thanks to the Holy Spirit that we have been able to widen our hearts and feel how good it is for our brothers and sisters to be together, how good it is to share and welcome differences. Unity in diversity is a sign of God’s presence.

The dynamism of the Spirit has led us to our roots in order to transmit the charism with the same fidelity as Jaime. We have rekindled the gift received thanks to the experience shared with the fraternity, the Lay Consecrated and all the Verbum Dei missionary disciples, being all one family.

This symposium is about to conclude but the mission continues. We want to announce the joy of our vocation by being spokespersons of what we have prayed, lived and shared in this 3rd symposium. We have enjoyed the richness that diversity brings and we want to share it with the world, forming others as Verbum Dei Missionary Disciples.

We place in Jesus’ hands our 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish so that He may multiply them and continue to feed everyone through prayer and ministry of the Word. And we ask our mother Mary to continue to watch over and intercede for each one of those who have been called to this charism.

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