Symposium Chronicle (Day 10) Thursday July 28

Today, Thursday 29, Guadalupe Castro, a disciple of the city of Puebla, Mexico, shared the guidelines. She invited us to enlarge the space of our hearts and to secure the stakes, she has encouraged us to launch ourselves with passion to the mission.

This morning was dedicated to continuing reading and voting on the changes to the document of the Simposium.

Also during the afternoon we discussed issues of international interest to the VDMD:

 At first it was explained to us how Jaime Bonet conceived and lived out the school of apostles. It was also explained to us what the evangelizing communities are, and finally, how to prepare and carry out the apostolic project of the community.

And at Mass, Adriana Ochoa invited us to end this symposium giving thanks to God, and to remember all the journey and the people who have given themselves, making this love story possible, and of self-giving that will be reflected in our lives and in the regulation of the VDMD.

 And finally we have finished the night with a fraternal party, where we danced and joyfully shared the joy of unity in the diversity of cultures of the USA, Italy and Portugal.

 The members of group 7 also had a fraternal moment yesterday which they wanted to share and of which they sent photos.

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