Symposium Chronicle (Day 1) Tuesday July 21

This morning we began with a retreat, the guidelines were given by the missionary Magdalena Aguiló. She invited us to live the theme of the Symposium: Rekindle the Gift that is in you (2 Tim 1:6), from where we have remembered our first encounter with Jesus and how we fell in love to the point of having us to this day persevering, making us responsible for this Charism that has been entrusted to us.

In the afternoon, the Symposium began with the official inauguration by Rodrigo Carrizo as president of the VDMFa and Adriana Ochoa as coordinator of the symposium.  We had a moment of semi-presential meeting, since in a classroom of 30 people in person we connected with 40 online participants from around the world. We introduced ourselves to get to know each other, we explained the historical journey to reach this III Symposium, with the objective of creating a regulation that can give clarity on the identity and mission of the Verbum Dei Missionary Disciple.

In the homily of the 5pm Mass, our President Rodrigo Carrizo, starting from the theme of the Simposium, told us that the good news is that the Charism is already in each one of us. He situated us in the context of the theme’s biblical passage, where Paul writes to his disciple Timothy to revive the gift of God. From there he invited us to revive the Charism that is already in each one of us; the key for this is to let the strength reside in our identity, in what we are, we are the Verbum Dei Missionary Family.

Finally, after dinner we finished with a fraternal sharing, where we had a festive moment with the dance of the “Sevillana,” the “Jota,” and a variety of presentations and jokes, which left us with a good taste of joy and a sense of family.

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