Let your light shine! Family Day VD UK

On the 21st May members of the UK Verbum Dei Missionary Family from all over the country gathered together in Southampton for our Family Day, with our guest of honour, Rodrigo Carrizo, President of the Verbum Dei Missionary Family.  

The day, entitled “Let your light shine!” started in prayer, with guidelines given by Trish, Verbum Dei missionary disciple, on “What Letting Your Light Shine Looks Like”. This was followed by a time of sharing, lunch (a modern-day experience of the miraculous feeding of the 5,000) and a presentation from Rodrigo followed by an interactive question and answer session. Topics ranged from the development and growth of the Verbum Dei charism, the specific mission of the Verbum Dei Family in the UK and other parts of the world, and how to promote and extend our evangelising activities in the light of the specific challenges the world is facing, which include war and economic crisis. Dominic, a lay consecrated missionary in formation also shared a testimony on his call and discernment process.

The day concluded with mass, in which 10 missionary disciples from different parts of the UK made their year-long apostolic commitments. Ashley Rebello, one of those making the commitment shared what the moment meant for him: “Over the weekend we had the joyful experience of making our commitment to be disciples of Verbum Dei in front of the Verbum Dei UK Family and our President. We were given the opportunity to make a statement that we are here and ready to serve. We look forward to helping our missionaries in spreading Jaime’s vision”. Finally, on behalf of the entire family Rodrigo presented a token of appreciation to Maria de la Portilla, the founder of the UK community, in gratitude for her generous service to the development of the Verbum Dei charism in our country.

It was wonderful day, where we all experienced this immense joy of being part of this great missionary family, where together we shine the light of God’s love for all to see.

Group of missionary disciples who made their apostolic commitments with Rodrigo Carrizo (President of Verbum Dei Missionary Family), and Maria de la Portilla (founder of Verbum Dei UK Missionary Family)

Testimony of Dominic, lay consecrated Verbum Dei missionary in formation

Moment of thanksgiving to Maria de la Portilla

Question and answer session with Rodrigo Carrizo

Guidelines “What Let Your Light Shine Looks Like” by Trish, Verbum Dei missionary disciple

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